Poetry from Gaurav Ojha



Gaurav Ojha


Living for endless universe before my eyes   

There is an arch of horizon my gaze won’t surpass 

My life is a circle, trapped within its circumference 

Restlessly rotating along its diameter

Till my clock breaks and time ends 

Death keeps life incomplete

Death knows how to subtract what's been added 

Divide what has been multiplied 

And, keep everything within the reference of empty 

Never plan too much for the life you've imagined 

Death happens and is always unexpected 


I have not discovered anything about the world

I have only read papers and books 

I compare miles I have been left out of 

With inches of the life died too young 

No missed opportunities here, being is enough 

Before nothingness 

Death remind the mortal characters on the stage

Discontinue your acting like eternity, presence here is limited


Life won’t be the life without death 

Scarce, limited, improbable and ridiculously precious 

What if death happens unprepared? 

I hope for conscious death/letting go with some awareness 

Either with deathbed experience or a mistake 

Nothing will happen to this world without me

I shall be erased from the space I occupy

Put into the fire and dusted 

I don’t seek consolations in   

How I am interpreted in living memories

No revival, no afterlife, not even art after life

I live therefore,

I am waiting