Poetry from Graciela Noemi Villaverde

Light skinned Latin woman with reddish blonde hair sitting in a cafe with a coffee cup in front of her, resting her head on her hand.
Graciela Noemi Villaverde


Silence in the waiting... 
Taste of blind night, in the hidden belly
There are only two arms, like wounded logs
Remote islands where the castaways recover life
Woman - tree/ Destiny of light on earth
Only the opaque silence remains and substantive in every corner 
Please do not undress, my centuries of solitude just for the pleasure of thunder
Now that I have found you under the green colors of hope
Now that the mythology of your body lies on my shadow
Now that life emerges from the bottom of my soul... 
Don't go away! 
If you do, you will see how my eyes disappear under the slow ballad of the moon.


Red foam 
With the wisdom of the waves that leave in the fiction of the horizon... 

Glorious in the arms of the sun 
A bunch of grains run away... 

The flame and the freshness flee 
For a model spike further from the sky

Release from prison in which one gets used 
He knows that the horizon divides hope 
Seeking to transgress, 
That force that prints 
When it advances and obstinates, the closing area... 

Socializing the looks 
Soon your growing will come again 
And with him, the confident drunkenness 
That all directions they take me... 
To find you!!

GRACIELA NOEMI VILLAVERDE writer. Poet from ConcepciĆ³n del Uruguay (Entre Rios) Argentina. Based in Buenos Aires She graduated in letters, author of seven books. Poetry genre. Awarded several times worldwide. She works as she, World Manager of Educational and Social Projects, of the Hispanic World Union of Writers .UHE World Honorary President of the same institution Activa de la Sade, Argentine Society of Writers. Commissioner of honor in the executive cabinet IN THE EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL RELATIONS DIVISION, of the UNACCC SOUTH AMERICA ARGENTINA CHAPTER.