Poetry from Graciela Noemi Villaverde

Graciela Noemi Villaverde


 What will I do after receiving
 the gifts of poverty,
 and the clarity of the strings
 that fall on my skin
 Like an old perfume?
 Everything is placed on you:
 the reflection of the moon,
  your indefatigable eyes igniting
 the sunset that falls into the depths
  Of my soul/
 If I had the solution of this love
 I would wait next to the pieces of pain
 But it's impossible to find you... You're so far away!
 The snow falls on your landscapes,
 while time vanishes in a kiss
 Everything is placed on you:
 I can't find the words to
 describe you,
 you are an active participant in my dream
 through the curtains of memory/
 undress me in that open place
 as your desires/
 While I remain here immobile/
 Sometimes I try to run away
  is unknown
 that place where the gods are born/
 And I hide behind the humble offering
 of my letters,
 or the scattered books
 next to my bed...
 Open the chests of imagination
 So that you can understand,
  this madness /
 I have cried your absence,
  on the reflection of the tide
  Everything is placed on you:
 Now I can confess to you
 I live under the light
 of the moon,
  like all your thoughts

Graciela Noemi Villaverde
 Argentine poet writer based in Buenos Aires
 She has a degree in letters, author of 7 books of the poetry genre. She has been awarded several times worldwide. She works as the World Manager of Educational and Public Relations of the Hispano-Mundial Union of Writers UHE and World Honorary President of the same institution.