Poetry from Ian Copestick

Ian Copestick
A Really Bad Man

I read in the local
newspaper, the
other day, about
a man who lived
in the same city I
do, he got caught
having sex with
his dog, and
posting it on
Messenger. He
moved away,
he would
have been lynched.

He moved to rural
Wales, right out in
the sticks.
Where I suppose
nobody knew who
he was, or what he'd

Well, he got sent down
for eleven years.
I think that's fair enough.
He's fucking sick.

But people get less
than that for murder.
Most people get less
than that for murder.

I'm not defending a
dog fucker.

If he'd tried it on
with my dog, I would
have killed him.

But, you have to ask
yourself ;
Killing a human
being, who will be
mourned by many.
Many lives will be

Is shagging a dog,
as disgusting as it
is, really worse than

I don't know.

I think that both
are inexcusable. 

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