Poetry from Ian Copestick

The Rainstorm

I sit here
11:40 p.m.
Listening to
a rainstorm.

There can't
be many
better feelings
than this.

Than being
safe inside,
hearing the

The rain

battering at
your window,

as you drink
your last drink.

Give your cat,
and dog a

turn off the
lights, and
just lay there

listening to
the rain.


They Are There

I've really,
really enjoyed

Catching up
with a friend.
both red, and
white wines,
and whisky.

But that's
far from the
most enjoyable
part of the night.

That would be
the conversation,
the laughter, of
which there was

Sometimes I feel
quite misanthropic,
but nights like tonight
show me just what a
fool I am.

Yes, some people
are monsters, but
there are also the
other type.

The genuinely good
ones, I'll admit that
you don't come across
them very often, but
they are there. 


Once upon a time,
I was reading up on

I was feeling very
depressed, and one
of the first things I
saw was that one of
the four Universal
Truths is that, " All
Life Is Suffering."

The way I was feeling
right then, I was very
impressed with that.

It really struck me as a
Universal Truth.

I read more about

But, a year later,
I realised that,
it's not quite true.

Not in the slightest.

I'll agree that a Hell
of a lot of life is
suffering, but no
way is all of it.

There's sex,
although it's a
long time since
I last had it.

Music, poetry,
comedy, drinking.

A walk in the

A beautiful meadow,
my beautiful pets .

Yes .

There's a lot of
suffering, but
there are also
a lot of good 

A lot of fun.

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  1. Wordslinging confirming the magic never expires there are times when you create it from the pain you were given freeing the magic in the form of art. Because art is magic. My dear friend the wizard of wonder.

    • Thank you so much, J.J., you are a hell of a poet, yourself!

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