Poetry from J.J. Campbell

Author J.J. Campbell
Author J.J. Campbell
i try not to think
did you ever think
the rain would end
did you ever think
love had an expiration
did you ever think
your dreams wouldn't
come true
did you ever think
your demons were
better than mine
did you ever think
this love would mean
more to someone
did you ever think
death was a good
conversation starter
did you ever think
how fast flowers
did you ever think
i was going to love
you this much
did you ever think
you would as well
did you ever think
we were suicide
lovers meant to
find each other
on the same
fucking cliff
only to jump
before anyone
could say no
supposedly still winter
it is around 60 degrees
today, supposedly still
these are the days that
tease us just enough to
get everyone fucking
a little collusion between
mother nature and the
fucking medical industry
two days from now it will
snow and then we'll all be
running to the pharmacies
to get our pills
rinse and repeat
death is quickest opt out
i can think of
yellow and blue for freedom
watching the bombing
right before i try to go
to sleep probably isn't
the best way to sleep
but it does paint the
dreams in these vivid
red for blood
black for death
yellow and blue
for freedom
there's always
a madman worried
about his legacy
more than the citizens
of his country or the
country he's trying
to destroy
and i know everyone
is worried about
world-war three
i'm more worried
about what happens
if freedom loses
like her life depended on it
remember when she said
she would love you forever
that every day without you
would ache more and more
as she got older
remember how she would
kiss you like her life depended
on it
how the sex was more amazing
each and every time
how you used to laugh on the
front porch of the farm while
talking about marriage, children,
what a future could possibly
look like
and then remember this is the
shit you wanted a relationship
to look like
reality is a cruel bitch
if we are alive
i had a doctor
tell me once
that pain is
often the only
way we can
tell if we are
alive or not
and as the
pinched nerves
provide the
waves of pain
for me to ride,
i guess this is
what the fuck
she was talking
yet another
fucking thing
i won't miss
when i'm dead