Poetry from Jazira Mi

Jazira Mi
The Survivor

The once healthy cell

Has been invaded like hell

The once healthy hair

Has fallen throughout this fair


Like drifting wood in the river afloat

Winter snow on the ground, melt it connotes

Sunlight cascading to the forest floor

Feeling uncertain, thus, you close the door


The strength you have to surpass them all

Unwavering faith will not falter His call

You fought the illness uncalled for

You’re the greatest survivor of them all.


If life is like picking the right song 

Choose the one that bangs the gong

To the rhythm of the beat that is in bloom

Like the windy beat of air in a lagoon

Swiftly flowing, the rhythm in your ear

That’s how smooth you want life to appear

Like trees laid into the sunny rays

Field of dancing flowers full of grace

If life is like picking the right song

Choose your band and favorite song

Trials in reality you cannot shun

Yet after the rain the sun will surely shine


When I met you decades ago

We were young, free and on the go

Uncaring for whatever it might be

My heart throbs for you endlessly

You got my heart from the start

Yet treated me wrong from the day we start

You tricked me with all the lies

It was long enough for me to realized

What we had were all facade

Made most of my days gloomy and sad

My brain unquestionably says No!

But my heart undoubtedly says Go!

Behind the hidden memories

Lies all the troubles and worries

A painful yesterday

Is now a memory far away 

Too many years have been wasted

With all the trials busted

Facing all challenges to pursue

Until one day... I’m so over you

Youth of Yesteryears

Those were the budding days 

So young & carefree with your ways

All you do is play the race

Until the beaming sun hides its rays

Those were the youthful times

When life doesn’t have to rhyme

When folks’ counsels do not matter

Never sorry for a dreadful scatter

Those were the blossoming years

Shedding pointless tears

Dwelling on wasted years 

For some worthless fears

Those were the years gone by 

Treasured mem’ries long gone by

Old secret mem’ries gone by

Reminiscing will give you a little cry

Jazira Munding Ismael aka Jazira Mi

A published poet, photo enthusiast, and an aspiring novelist, she is a registered writer/author with the National Book Development Board (NBDB), Philippines. Her passion for writing awakened her curiosity to explore genres like romance, and fantasy, mystery and dystopia.

Her poetry collection entitled “Poems of Life” speaks for itself as life’s intertwined roads are filled with wonders, challenges, both highs and lows. She also has a booklet on marriage vows called “I Do”, both of which, were published by 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing, Philippines.

She regularly lectures and critics poetry writing contests of Poetry Hub, an international online platform of aspiring poets from countries like Nigeria, India, Somalia, Zambia, and its neighboring countries. She has gained notable following on Instagram (My writing Journey- Jazira Mi) as well as in her photography world: Fotografia y Viaje Alrededor.

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