Poetry from Jelvin Gipson

When I must leave you for a little while, 
Please do not grieve and shed wide tears
Hug your sorrow, for I have gone to fetch for you.
Live and do all things the same
A day will come when you will feed your loneliness with gladness.
Remember, before bringing me forth 
In your arms you taught me to never lose sight even when time seems helpless
You guard me jealously like a Guinea fowl that guards her eggs.
When hospitals were far, you painfully brought out with gladness
A day shall come,
When your product will be in demand,
When others will look forward to seeing and shake hand with your production

You give me a life and a world
A day shall come when you will gladly see joy at you feet
And by your side, there's nothing we cannot beat
Sad are the hearts that love you
Silent the tears that fall
Living my heart without you is the hardest part of it all
It is with heavy heart and tears in my eyes
To think of the fact the way I came
A day shall come when your hand will reach out in comfort and in cheer
And I shall gladly sit by you and hold you near.

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