Poetry from Jerome Berglund

Prickly Pear


weighing dark matter…

when black one thing out

begs question, what else?



alley leaf

circling my feet…





is nine tenths of the law

know takers taking



slow unthawing of May

way boomers

talk about theys



house of


and misprints 




Bunny Ears


flowers log-jam

in the rock bed  

edge of waterfall



still can’t drink from tap

thankfully, may purchase

for a song



s w e e t   n o t h i n g s ~ crockpot simmering



scorpion analogy

chopper hanger-on

gets sudden urge 



s p a c e   i n v a d e r   l e n g u a   t a c o s




Golden Barrel

gas station fountain… pits and bits, holes and soles



no points on scoreboard

no lights on scoreboard

why is it even there



hang up the phone

and quietness sets in

this is being alone



last naan standoff —

sits untouched




those who stay

and learn to live with it



terracotta head pot


    subtracted brain-pan

    in place of neurocranium

    green electricity

    issuing forth evokes Pallas

    and the dark mother

    their parthenogenesis

    eukaryotic organisms

    foreheads’ fertile wombs

    skull cakes




there is something of the game warden


to the sheriff – and doctor – still,

who staunchly preserves in the short term

with every intention of their masters’ future slaughter,

field dress, and apportioning of each

swaggering thrush and caribou

Jerome Berglund has many haiku, senryu and tanka exhibited and forthcoming online and in print, most recently in the Asahi Shimbun, Bear Creek Haiku, Bamboo Hut, Black and White Haiga, Blōō Outlier Journal, Bones, Bottle Rockets, Cold Moon Journal, Contemporary Haibun Online, Daily Haiga, Failed Haiku, Frogpond, Haiku Dialogue, Haiku Seed, Ink Pantry, Japan Society, Modern Haiku, Poetry Pea, Ribbons, Scarlet Dragonfly, Seashores, Synchronized Chaos, Time Haiku, Triya, Tsuri-dōrō, Under the Basho, Wales Haiku Journal, and the Zen Space. 

3 thoughts on “Poetry from Jerome Berglund

  1. I love the last naan standoff, and the house of corrections and misprints. they’re all really fun and leave you thinking about what’s out of the poem and in it and alongside it, the way good haiku do.

  2. Jerome,

    Interesting poems! Perfect for a book!

    Mega cheers,


  3. Thank you so much Noah and Stephen!! The last two are hopefully going to be eventually collected in two different volumes, “Funny Papers” which might appear in the next couple months from Meat For Tea Press and “Eleusinian Solutions” which is still being considered several places! Last naan standoff was definitely inspired by a Shiki style ‘sketch from life’/shasei moment haha, misprints and corrections too more abstractly… <_< Really appreciate your both reading and commenting, loved each of your pieces in this edition honored and privileged to be neighbors wishing y'all a spectacular spring!!!

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