Poetry from Jerry Durick


Got to get through

this chapter

easy enough

to do

the pages swing by

I’m skating across

this frozen pond

of words

towards another

mile marker

the next one

the author set

knowing full well

that even devoted

readers, like me

need a break

like now

I need to shower etc.

to get my other life


and there’s

this chapter

I’m writing

about today

and how I got through

this bit

this other chapter

someone else wrote.


Storm Warning

Mid-afternoon and

They’re predicting

A big storm


But I’m mid-chapter

Miles from here

Years from here


Berlin in the 30s

The characters don’t

Know of the storm


Coming their way

But like some demi-god

I know what’s coming


More storm than

Eight to twelve inches

Of snow we expect


Our storm will be easy

To clean up, but theirs

Will take the rest of the book.




In my other life or in my next one

I’m a spy or will be

Out in the cold, into subterfuge

A burning fuss ready for action:

Losing any tails, changing trains

Taking alleys, using dead drops.

Some CIA or NSA or DIA

Have me or will, hell even

MI6 or DGSE or Mossad if need be.

A multi-purpose, shadowy figure

Blending in, jumping out

Whatever seems necessary.

I’ll look for the signs

Read the coded messages

Intercept, overhear, follow

Be in the right place as needed

In carefully thought-out scenarios

Out of Langley or Fort Meade or

A rather inconspicuous office in

Paris or London or Tel Aviv.

I’m there now, that other me

Or will be in my next life

A regular James Bond but better.

In many ways invisible

As invisible as I feel most of the time.