Poetry from Kristy Raines

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Kristy Raines
Burn Me

Burn me with your touch
The pain reminds me I am still alive

Suffocate me with your kiss
It is a sweet death and worth the cost

Cut through me with your gaze
So you can see me for who I am

Take away my memory of anyone before you
No memory is more beautiful than yours

Blind me from seeing the future
My dreams are all that I want to see

Bury me with your love
For only Heaven can compete with it.

When I Saw You...

Your face...
took the place of the moon. 
Be gentle and don't place me in darkness
when I approach. 
Sprinkle the stars on the path that lights my way to you.

Lead me to you !

Your eyes... 
became the desert 
Where I now wander, 
and where the night breeze 
keeps me company until I find 
your footsteps that lead me to where you wait. 

Come and find me!

Your lips... 
were the place
where our love began 
Do not keep them from me 
They are the wellspring of your 
sweet elixir from which I will be sustained, 
and the place where the sweet sound of your poems 
are kept until they are whispered softly in my ear.

Never keep them from me!

Your chest... 
hid the the doorway to your heart 
where every emotion of love and gentle 
touch emerges for me only. 
And where my hand rests over the beat. 
Open your door for me and then quickly lock it 
behind me so that no one else can ever enter after me. 

Throw away the key! 

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  1. I love this magazine and appreciate love the vibe!. I enjoy reading other fellow poets beautiful poems and the feeling of being in a huge literary family. Thank you so much for publishing me.
    Kristy Raines

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