Poetry from Kristy Raines

White middle aged woman with reading glasses and very blond straight hair resting her head on her hand.
Kristy Raines


Age never mattered when it came to our love
or what treasures we had stored up in our hearts
Only your heart would understand my whispers
The storm in you rages when we are alone
And there is no doubt of the feelings that I have for you.. so special
In my life, I have suffered losses; people and things I loved
I lived through each one, although it was hard at times
Moments ago I lost myself to you and am lost in you now
But to ever lose you would put me over the edge.
I can't even think of it....


Walk with me if only for now
Wherever life takes us is home
These moments are precious
and life could end without  notice
Dreams can come true or die
I have always been with your through time
I was the shadow that waited from afar
Did you not notice me on a sunny day or
hear my whisper in your ear through a warm breeze?
You could not see me in the past, but I am your future
Only the time we have been given is guaranteed
I will walk with you until we get to that fork in the road
Whether in reality or dreams... either way you'll be mine.


I pretend to not see you look my way
I sigh because the love you have for me is so deep.
You take my breath away when you come towards me
My love for you only grows and I can't imagine myself
ever being without you...
Always take me with you

I long for you to always drown my life with your love
There is nothing you can give me that is worth more than that
I never fear what is in our future, whether joy or sorrow.
As long as we do it together is all that matters to me...
Never leave

And I pray you will always love me as your Sweetest Dream...
Hold me closer


You might not be looking for it, and at times you even try to run from it.
But sometimes it just happens.
You look at each other, you smile, and you just know ... 
When love happens, you can't stop it.
Suddenly, life feels a lot brighter and happier. 
You become aware of his smile when he looks at the little things about you. 
And those little things become the poetry in his heart that he had been missing. Those little things also taught him how to love.


On every page of our life together
I will sign my name
because your heart belongs to me,
just as with every memory we share
You appear in every poem I write,
and in every angelic song that I have sweetly whispered in your ear
True, is every love story we've lived
My smile is intentional
for you are mine
Every heartbeat keeps in time with the music of our rhythmic nights  
You are my Everywhere and my Always.


Kristy Ann Raines is an American poet and author born in Oakland California, USA. Kristy has five books which will soon be published. One anthology with a prominent poet from India, Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai, will launch sometime in October 2023 called, “I Cross my Heart from East to West.” She has also written two fantasy books entitled, “Rings, Things and Butterfly Wings” and “Princess and The Lion”, a collection of poems in English,” Walking Without You”, a collection in French, “Little Rose Poetry”, and one in Arabic called,  “Jasmine and Roses", to be released in the future.  Kristy has received many literary awards for her unique style of writing.