Poetry from L. Wayne Russell

when all is said and done 

when all is said and done
and our stories have been told
fade with me 
into the ground  
once we were 
life and flourished
flowers in spring

a dance upon the 
checkered floor
laughter in corridors 
of museums and gardens

yes once we were

once we acted upon
this stage 
once intertwined within
this ballet 
this grand facade of life
turn pages once white and crisp
now yellowed and stained
with time
dance with me in quiet dreams 
and in photos
dance with me 
in stark contrast to realities
of the dangerous world

we once did dwell
and while we rest
while angels swirl
and mortals may cry
they hold us dear
and candles flicker
our memories live on

our spirits sour forever

Seasonal Song

Season of rebirth,
shadows in the trees,
leaf's in hibernation
Spring hovering in 
dagger breeze.

Pessimist Winter,
that old frozen fool,
sliding away, clinging;
losing his grip slowly,
but soon
the inevitable will 


Everything turns, even 
seasons, old man
Winter must
and disperse 
giving dominion to
life again.  

Mystery veil lifts, reveal
intricate truth of mortal
waves crashing.

Compassion intermingling
with muddy river, burst at
the seams; flowers and dreams,
transcend and fusing. 

Life and death,
emotionless hand
of Winter,
and pollen-infused innocence
of Spring.

Show Me Mercy (forever a victim of the undertow)

Death picks us, off one by one,

like soldiers into the firing line,

like another sunrise; or cloudy


A loveless night, passed out on

the beaches of Florida, a Niche

book laying limp by my side.

Karaoke and beer made me feel

like feeling again, helped me climb

back into the intellectual realms

again, here we go again, college

round 3.

Just wanting to live life and yet so

addicted to that psychological mumbo


Oh Jung! Oh Freud! Oh Janov!

You always speak to me!

You speak to me in riddles and rhymes,

intermingling with interludes of

Hesses' Glass Bead Game, and that

Siddhartha; electronic music swirling

always in my skull; ear candy from the

early 80's; I am forever the New Romantic.

I am forever a victim of the undertow.

L. Wayne Russell is or has been many things during his lifetime, he has been a creative writer, world traveler, graphic designer, former soldier, former sailor, amateur photographer, aspiring guitarist, singer, and creative writer. Wayne has been widely published in both online and hard-copy creative writing magazines. From 2016-17 he founded and edited the now-defunct online creative writing magazine, Degenerate Literature.

In late 2018, Wayne was nominated for his first Pushcart Prizein addition, in 2019, he was nominated for Best of the Net. In 2020, Wayne had his debut paperback book of poetry published by Guerrilla Genesis Press; Where Angels Fear is currently still available for purchase on Amazon.