Poetry from Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal


It was a 100 years ago
when Stopping by Woods
on a Snowy Evening 
first appeared in print.
Staring out at the white
mountains on a snowy
morning, I wonder how
much of that beauty is
killing people or wildlife.
I think I know some of
those roads, though I 
cannot see the houses.
I would not want to live
there. The snow and cold
would be too much. It
looks beautiful in films,
the frozen lake, the farm-
house, and starlit evening.
I shake just feeling that 
cold when by mistake I 
leave a window open only
just a bit. The cold wind
fills my bones. The lovely
mountains filled with snow
I see are miles away. I see
them before I go to sleep.


Isn’t It Nice?

Whipped cream clouds,
white out stars and moon,
yes, I know, do you?

Calm waves all day,
the red fish bleeds.

Turn up the volume
Mother Earth sings.

Isn’t it nice
that fresh air is free
when you can get it?

Bread is money
and dove is a pacifist,
chocolate, and soap.


Hungry Dogs Eating Flowers 

Never set your eyes on the sun
as you lay in the grass facing
the sky. All around you, can you
see and hear the trees suffering?
It keeps me awake most nights.
How much pain can they take?
I keep my eyes on the draperies
that keep out night’s moonlight.
There are things going on in the
fabric, hungry dogs eating flowers.
It takes the weight off my mind.
There are men, women, and children 
dressed as doves and hawks. I 
worry about the flowers being eaten.

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  1. Luis,

    I enjoyed reading your poems. And yes, watch out for those dogs!



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