Poetry from Mahbub


 The Orange-bellied Himalayan Squirrel
 How charming - it makes the world spell-bound
 O Himalayan Squirrel, Red-bellied Squirrel
 How you do all the things charming 
 How you do all the things shining to the eyes
 How you do all the things, sitting on the branches of the silk cotton tree
 How you bring out the cotton from the cotton fruit 
 How you gather all in a certain place
 How your brain acts on how to beautify the other side
 I know you don't, all meanings of the cause, but you do
 How your brain is fixed on how to make the nest warm
 How all together the cotton matches the long line catkins of the land
 How it shines with its red belly in the morning sun
 On the branches the sunny morning opens the door
 The heart that never felt such a wonder
 The love and beauty, no greed for power and pelf
 A resort to live forever
 What the eyes experience here, will ever come to an end?
 O sacred Orange- bellied Squirrel 
 I see you and the heart always dances
 The heart throbs for the new passion something for love and sex
 We need the figure of the belly as red as the sign 'Love'.
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
 The Pheasant-tailed Jacana
 The doves, the kingfishers and so many colorful birds 
 Flying and calling over head in the silent resilient place
 Charms the hilly atmosphere around the lake
 Smile over the breeze, wiggling the lotus petals and leafs
 As though I am going to rise from a deep deadly sleep 
 Drinking the water of Lethe in Hades  
 How the world of love made by the two  
 The male and the female pheasant jacana
 How they live on in this watery leaves
 How they come close to each other 
 How the female lays the eggs and fly to the other  
 Leaving her mate behind she must have her desire fulfilled  
 Infatuated by again builds her love palace with
 Lays her eggs as before in every case 
 How the male hatches the eggs and breeds the chicks!
 Of hatching and fostering the chicks 
 What a wonder a sense of love and faith to each other!
 And responsibly set from above!
 To every each other - father, mother, sister, brother, lover and beloved
 From one corner of the world to the other we always wander for something new
 A doorway to the novelty of thought and light 
 O breeding male pheasant Jacana, 
 What you leave behind for us?  
 I think and observe the responsibility for the new generation.
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
 Sculpture Fight
 Now the whole world is threatened in fear of corona
 A rush of flame burnt all over
 What's going on outside?
 Indulging on or falsifying the commons 
 The party against the government 
 An excitement among the audience in Jalsa (Gathering at night for Islamic speech before the audience)) 
 Not that people like to hear but nothing to do without listening 
 As they are sitting before the speaker  
 The argument against establishing the sculptor the speaker breaks the silence of the night
 Shouts as loud as he can for not to establish any more in the country
 The great man for whom our heads bow down in respect and honor
 That person people recognize him as 'The father of Nation'
 He is our great leader Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman    
 Violating the rules of maintaining the social distance
 A group of people come out with a procession 
 Without knowing what the sculptor meant for
 A seduction for holding the country instable
 Some miscreants broke one of the Bangabandhu's sculptors in Kusthia 
 While people are dying and being affected daily
 In every second corona swings around
 Can't shake our hands; kiss on face, advance for lips into lips 
 Love flows on heart to heart only spiritually
 Doctors and nurses have no time for rest
 Day and night on duty for cares and treatment
 Creates a remorseful condition of earth
 Some are counting their profit
 Some are repenting on loss 
 O heart, O diversified heart here you cry and cry
 There you rejoice on falsifying or forging fortification  
 Dying in one side line after line
 The fight we see head to head, hand to hand on the other. 
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
 Playing Hide and Seek
 You play hide and seek
 In the world -Love and Trick
 I know the intrigue, a wonderful battle field
 My journey over the mountains and hills
 Through the oceans and the trees
 You play hide and seek
 I know but dive so deep
 No cause why you play this game
 No claim why I die and feel sick
 I know I love to die
 A touch of pain and joy
 I like to rest on it, my sweet retention
 O my sweet dear, my loving sky
 On the ground in the starry lit I lie down
 You cuddle and fondle on
 I feel like maddened in excitement
 Feel fresh as morning light 
 You play this hide and seek 
 Overflowing joy the whole night - kissing and missing in plight. 
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
 In the Abyss of Forgetfulness
 Light turns into darkness
 Darkness is now more lovable than anything else
 Light appears to be dark cloud
 We fall into this play of light and dark
 Nothing comes out of this ghostly dangerous but heavenly saint
 O lament, hidden in the light
 Charming in darkness
 Love regenerates in the abyss of forgetfulness
 People humble and fumble
 O danger lies in the bushes, the poisonous snakes.
 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

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