Poetry from Mahbub

Poet Mahbub, a South Asian man with dark hair and glasses and a suit and tie
Poet Mahbub
Diego Maradona, A Wonder of the World

Diego Maradona, a name of charisma, the famous football player of the world
Today and tomorrow will ever flow on - to you, to me and for all
Whenever the ball touches his feet, the rhythmic passing can't but charm 
Though the striker all the time circled round by four or five opposite players
Ran so swift with the ball to the goal post in an instant leaving behind all 
And the whole stadium fascinated with the sound 'Goal' ---- in the blink of an eye
Technique of passing with the ball always made the audience spell-bound
Even his throwing by the hand to the goal once judged as 'The God's hand'
What a striker! What a magician!
In the field of The World Cup Football
What a magic playing! How charismatic in dealing with the ball!
Though went away very soon from his earth
Can we say he is no more in the field of The World Cup Football?

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

The Tough Loving Cup
The heat caused deaths by corona
More violent than the heat causing deaths by gratuitous violence
From this different guise of destruction
People hang on the fate for mutual submission
Of course, we can't blame our predecessors for this
The skin disease of white and black
For what is happening today or happened in the past
In this garrulous world suffocated by the smoky, enigmatic form of work
Like the car in a dizzying speed or guarding the buildings like a Dobermann
Where is the loving cup?
Can we sip in the Holy Grail?
Though the curling smoke mounts high in the morning, evening or midnight cup
The woods are burning; the land submerged by   
Everyday every moment in the light, shade or dark. 

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

The Flapping Bird

The bird is flapping standing still over head
Like the plane before landing on the ground
Jerking the body and the people inside
This is the sky the bird flies free 
Take rest on its feather and fly again
Is it watching my black-haired head or something other for a particular thing?
Different species of birds possesses different ways of flying
Compared to body, strength or taste
According to God's will
But all fly free to the own
That acts on the human brain and search for the new
In this evening when the sun is just going to set with its round red charm
Reflecting on the mind in bond of love
The bird snatched me away to the wonder of the nature's diversity
I fly over where the bird can't.
Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

The Sign of Love

Let the sky be open
From the hazy and crazy mood of the universe
Let the passion be for beauty
From the morning to the evening
Let the moon kiss on
From all sorts of pain and suffering
Let love be for each other free from any danger
From one corner of the earth to the other
The sun shines on flowers
Blooming the smile of all faces
Let tyranny and oppression be stopped
Singing all in harmony the sweet note of birds
Let peace cuddle on everybody irrespective of cast, color or creed
Removing the snake tamed in the palace causing so many deaths
Let shake hands to each other and embrace to die for each other
Can you see the sign of love hung on the wall? - The heart!

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

The Old Home

Life cries on the bend of the river
The flow of the river halts, when life falters
A great relationship we find in between life and river 
Streaming from an unknown power
Rivers dry up- sand and sand -the bottom and the surface 
Life walks -life burns, life dives in quicksand
The sandy river turns into a hot spot
The green leafy trees fade away
 Life from on to the other
Life appears to be a skull, a living dead on the flowing blood
Why do the sons and daughters leave the parents?
Why is the blood cut off from its blood's stream?
Why power and pelf lead the rational being to the path of blindness
Forgetting the nourishment and the caress in childhood?
The old in no way walk to The Old Home
A woman lying on bed paralyzed and senseless
Roaring in pain for bed sore in the back
The old coming here were unknown to each other before 
So close now and very near and dear to each other
From the long journey of life, all seem to be a love bird singing altogether
Or like the weathered green glittering in the sun after the rain 
Rolling water into my eyes
Life is like the flying rain with its different means and ways disappears very soon
How diversified to take a single breath cultivating the land in different field! 

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh