Poetry from Mahbub

Poet Mahbub, a South Asian man with dark hair and glasses and a suit and tie
Poet Mahbub
Only for You

I have broken myself into pieces
Have lost my energy to take a single step  
Only for you -------
Only for you - I'm waiting here under the shade of the large banyan tree till then
Hundred years old that banyan tree, I look through again and again
Still now the green leaves of the old tree soothes the eyes and the body
Still now the birds can find their shelter to sit for rest and spend the nights
I know you do possess the same green shade in your breast
I'm still here breaking myself into pieces to reach the shade of your breast.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

Breaking the Boundary

Breaking the boundary of time we are on this vast ocean
Bubbling on the surface diving and rising in one
The unseen magnetic power
The earth with its all rounds in harmony
Flowing on the tune of love
From millions of the stars to the vast land and the ocean
A wonderful play of light and shade
The feathering birds from one corner of the earth to the other 
A shield of faith, the evergreen tree
Passing through the soft blowing wind, never missing
To the last breath of the earth overcoming time and space 
The sun reflecting on the surface the shadow of us
A promise we had under the moon from beginning to end. 

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

Birth on One Side, Death on the Other

The ostrich imported from Africa in Gazipur Safari Park
Lays eggs regularly 
The nestlings in the incubator make the curator happy, overwhelmed with joy
Who does not like to see the new birth?
On the contrary how it appears to be -----
When Benu Begum, Salim's elder brother's wife is beaten to death
By Abeda Khatun, Salim's wife
On a trifle matter at the time of quarrelling to each other
Only for that Benu threw a tissue paper on the family grave yard
Anger flamed in Abeda
Prompted to strike Benu to death  
How far does it matter that joy over the nestlings of the ostrich in the incubator
When everyday in every sector murdering takes place on a simple matter?  

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

The Tart Fruit

The fruit never tasted before tastes sour 
Taking that peculiar kind of fruit
The peoples' blood is poisoned 
Though the one man power blooms all over
Taste felt in the tongue from that outcome
People succumb to death one after another 
Yet the nation nourishes the tree with too much love and care 
The name of the tree is Autocracy in guise of Democracy 
How sour the fruit indeed!

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


Today crores of people of the world are looking forward to
When the a dose of vaccine be pushed on
But the forgetful world never thought before of that dire situation
Violating the promise that we kept once
Now the trembling world turns back again with its spring flowers
To stand before each other, sharing the heart's overwhelming joy
Walk through the way in the fresh air singing and loving together
Let's take the vaccine and join the respective field for cultivation
Never forgetting the promise we made for each other

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh