Poetry from Mahbub Alam

South Asian man with short dark hair, reading glasses, a collared shirt, green tie, and brown jacket.
Mahbub Alam
The Earth's Bond

The earth's electric bond like the bond of them
Once my friend uttered --
Electric waves flowing in her blood
"If you touch some more I'll die"
Rolling some more switched on the light
Happy the lives flowing over time
Mesmerizing the sound of the wind
From the east in the morning
On the coast of the sea
The mystery of the earth's existence woven the same
Rising and falling the current of the body.
Chapainawabganj,  Bangladesh
26 August, 2023


Where and how we became defeated 
How and where the war is conducted
We count the deaths and the wounded
People fight, people plight
People flee away from the ground
The children die, the mothers cry
Died by and for from both sides
The leaders laughing loud
Firing on the burning cloud
The oceans -the rivers blocked for a few
How should we explain what we see?
Where and how we glee?
In the reflective war
We all the suffers so far
One part of the world is fighting
The other part lay flat -the hungry painting. 
Chapainawabganj,  Bangladesh
26 August, 2023