Poetry from Mahbub Alam

Poet Mahbub, a South Asian man with dark hair and glasses and a suit and tie
Poet Mahbub Alam


I live in the grass
As they sprout in rain
Life stumbles, life consumes
Life revives with a new form
When we see nothing and devoid of everything
Only the rain gives lives that thrive
The blessings down from upper head
The drops of rain ---
The grass taking its hue- makes the world bright. 

Chapainawabganj,  Bangladesh
12 September, 2023

Our Journey

We live in the world 
We die
We beg, we cry
We live and dry
This living and dying
You can say it's meaningful
Others say it's worthless
We live and build
And it starts the night journey
Maybe the moonlit night
The journey stops to rise in the other part of the chapter.

Chapainawabganj,  Bangladesh
12 September, 2023