Poetry from Mahbub Alam

Poet Mahbub, a South Asian man with dark hair and glasses and a suit and tie
Poet Mahbub Alam

The World's Agencies

The world is divided into different agencies
In these areas there happen so many incidents, accidents
Planned or unplanned
The cat's-paw tinges bloodying with the sharp nails
The staffers think staring -----
How the role-play of a cinema's villain!
I am the sufferer who is snatched away
Threatening with the arms all the way
And the passers-by only watch 
Having nothing to say nor a step for protection
We are living in such an unsafe zone
We are here, where we think over --------!

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
14 March, 2023

The Sea Cafe

Hello, let's have our snacks altogether
The unknown has invited us 
Let's shook hands and enjoy the coffee break
Now the time is to rise in the midst of the sun and the moon
We have already reached our long pathway goal to our journey
Holding tight the hands not to leave each other 
Live together, walk together, work together and sleep together
Let's make a dancing stage ---
We all get lost among ourselves in the world of forgetfulness- The Sea Cafe.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh
17 March, 2023