Poetry from Manzar Alam

South Asian man with short brown hair, reading glasses, a purple collared shirt and tie.
Manzar Alam
Unbroken sleep

Is it not enough, I am alive
When all hopes and aspirations
Love and emotions
Gone far, far away with thee.
My tears have dried, 
Life blood seems to be frozen.

Not a drop of water remains
In the desert of my life.
The sound of life is absent here
No star is glittering in the cloudy sky
Darkness is crawling from all around
I feel an obnoxious smell in the air.

Life-tree is blank, no bird chirps
Roses have lost their colors
Waves of the sea has stopped flowing.
My tearless eyes are looking for thee
But none is here
Everyone is sleeping in an unbroken sleep. 

(Manzar Alam from Bangladesh. By profession I am a college teacher. My above poem is composed in memory of one of my dear ones who faced an immature death).