Poetry from Marjorie Thelen

The God Term

I get uneasy when people start using the God term
like they know what God thinks or says

maybe we should be more like the ancient Jews
unwilling to speak the name of god

or the Buddhists 
who don’t have a god
only the Buddha,
the awakened one
that’s exists in all of us
if we can be still enough 
to let the awakened state manifest

let’s not even use His Endlessness
Is God a he?

I’m not much interested in what God says
I don’t want to name It
I don’t want to be a God interpreter

what is the experience?

maybe it’s divine presence
that blooms in us
that flows through creation
for no apparent reason
a spacious awareness
a divine stillness


my head pokes out of my cocoon
to see
the sky blue and vast

bald eagle sits
atop electric pole

magpie flies by, calling
intent on renovating 
last year’s nest

ground squirrel scurries 
across the pasture
disappears into her hole

the world is vast
if I could just see it

if I could just see  
I am part of that vastness 

and awakening


Beneath form

lies formlessness

where stillness lies, 
I open to whatever there is
relaxing. I invite in spacious awareness. 

Beyond the jumble of my thoughts, 
I listen and watch, 
sitting in stillness

no thoughts, 
Buddhas say, "No self. No problem."
Thich Nhat Hanh says, "No mud, no lotus."

Beyond the noise of the world
lies stillness

From there I watch and
I am.