Poetry from Mark Young

Clubbed clubbing

A chick band dance-
mix of "If You Could

Read My Mind" slaps
my face as I enter. De-

sensitized, sanitized,
stripped to the bone &

machine polished to the
point where the body

the skeleton belongs to
is barely recognizable.

What would chaos do?

productive. He
held out his hand
to entropy &

had his fingers
bitten off. Now
he can no longer
hold out his

begging bowl,
& the ground's
too unstable to
rest it there.
Sometimes the results are pleasing

A Swedish botanist found 
a cardigan amongst 
some neglected fruit trees. 

Trimmed in black, it bore 
a skull & crossbones 
insignia, & was buttoned

up on the wrong side. She
theorized this latter aspect
might present a unique 

approach to a timeless prob-
lem, how to fit round 
poems into square books.

Your / expressions of / interest are most welcome

That water festival is almost
here. The property is known 

to contain pigeon lofts & new 
electoral reforms, a World War

II flu vaccination campaign, 
& several 1800s stables. It's ex-

pected some temperature records 
will almost certainly be broken.

One thought on “Poetry from Mark Young

  1. I really enjoy these poems, some of my favorites from here.
    Good rhythms esp. the 1st & 2nd, and a kind of conceptual moebius strip enacted, concisely.
    Nice stuff!

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