Poetry from Martina Gallegos

Math Time

Math time is just before the first recess,
And children can’t wait to play outside, 
But they love math and know they’ll have 
Exploration and computer time 
When they return if they remain focused.
Except this particular day, our class got an 
Unexpected but pleasant surprise, a messenger 
Pigeon flew right into the classroom, and 
Students forgot all about math faster than a
Tick-tock in a hurry. They excitedly called out,
“Teacher, there’s a bird in the classroom!”
Teacher stopped teaching math and quickly 
Turned off the light and asked students to close 
The blinds to keep them and the bird safer.
Teacher asked students to remain calm.

Students wanted to catch and play with the bird.
Teacher carefully caught the bird and placed it in 
A shoebox. Recess bell rings, and teacher has 
Yard duty. What to do with bird. Under 
Teacher’s armpit it goes, and students are excited.
Students forget about playground equipment and 
Stick by teacher like a tick on a deer.
It was a long recess for sure but bird survives.
Once back in the classroom, students get to 
Pet their temporary pet.

Because everyone is in love with the pet,
They forget to close the classroom door 
And the messenger pigeon flies right out....

One thought on “Poetry from Martina Gallegos

  1. Students eagerness to the thing has been expressed with the birds’ role in the classroom. Very enjoying.

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