Poetry from Mary Acosta

Light-skinned woman with light blond hair and pink lipstick and a pink hair bow and reading glasses. Blue and white peace flag with a dove behind her. She's got a fluffy white blouse and a beaded necklace.
Mary Acosta

Slides in oblique minutes 
the flash judged on the freedom tangent. 

My supplicating abysses scatter prayers 
inaugurating the sentence of the marked hour 
in the asylums of selfishness. 

The word commits suicide about the inverted angle of waiting, 
and in the orphanhood of darkness 
I can't dream of it... 

Oval blow on slope 
twists in a confusing circuit 
the truths of the cell laid bare 
that dissonants hang on the four sides of oblivion. 

Suspended in the unknown of Peace 
I seek to find protection in the sphere of "I have never been" 

Standing again... 
and again in scream... 
for the unrepeatable assumption. 

From giving birth to so many delusions, 
my instant scratched the shadowed skin of infinity.

Vertical silence takes refuge in its rustic emptiness. 
Ride aimlessly on the inaudible memory of multiple broken voices
that are dying of light in irreverent mourning. 

In just moments, 
the memoryless raven releases from his beak 
the fierce breath of oblivion with death.
With the hands of a wounded bird, 
she attends the rehearsal of her own shipwreck, 
and he is a faceless witness of truths that are silent in the womb of life.
She has been condemned hard, for not having known how to measure time according to her! 

in concession, 
a tear sheds its skin, 
finally laying down the chains that vulnerably bound 
the last original cry, retained in the mysteries of origin. 

Today silence is reborn vertically 
and recovers its center of existence, 
and although it bears the name of cornered drop, 
seeks to restore new dead words. 

Argentine writer and poet. She has an extensive career.. Three Honoris Causa Doctorates in “Literature and Culture of Peace.” Pte. UNAccc, (Commission of Peace, Justice and Solid Institutions for South America and Argentina Chapter / Commission of Peace, Art and Culture for Mil Mentes por México in Argentina). Former Teacher. Workshop worker. International Cultural Manager. Lic. in Mediation. Ambassador for Peace of several organizations. Honorable Member of the World Hispanic Union of Writers, UHE and World Academy of Literature, History, Art and Culture. 13 books published. Multi - National and International Award Winner.