Poetry from Mashhura Usmonova

Mashhura Usmonova

First love

I know you waiting for spring,

You asked him from the grass.

You don’t have idea my heart,

Spring is coming when you laugh.

You are waiting

To the sweet thought of the swallow’s song.

Don’t believe in spring, it will pass,

You’re in with love too young.

Semi-pink buds of almonds,

You’re waiting while pain from the heart.

You aware of in cold February,

A flower bloomed but you didn’t notice it.

Warmth of spring to your soul,

First of all the sun didn’t shine.

In your heart purer then an almond flower,

I was the first to open.

Mashkhura Usmanova was born on May 16, 2006 in Gallaorol district, Jizzakh region. She has been practicing writing poetry since she was ten years old. She is a member of the international organizations “Creativity Forum for Culture, Arts and Peace” of Egypt, “AsihSasami” of Indonesia, “Iqra” of Pakistan, and “Juntospor las Letras” of Argentina.