Poetry from Mehreen Ahmed


The battery of my iphone was down
The red circle indicated mostly out of commission.

Only thirteen percent left 
The circle was whitening, slowly closing in

I was in my car driving a long distance out
Precisely, I put my car charger on my iphone.

I heard the iphone sounding beep, beep, beep.
It rhymed a pulse of my own heart beat under the skin. 

Every bit of my heart pumped out a rhythmic wavelength
The body battery was also low at some point, my take.

It had to be plugged into a socket somehow
A socket of lifeline fed the blood life.

Without the collection of ion 
The iron of the blood would congeal otherwise.

The iphone battery was up in no time
While one charged on electricity, the other was plugged into the stars.

Both batteries of the body and the iphone 
Starved when a star burnt out.