Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

Mesfakus Salahin

The Voices of the Souls

Every mid night and lazy late night l wake up

The whispering cold wind calls me to touch

The dumb sky weeps and knocks me silently

I break the silence of the darkness

The innocent fragrance washes everything

The world becomes mystery

The graveyard walks around life

I see some souls through my window

I see them coming out from the graves

Some of them try to shout but cannot

Some of them try to return to life but fail

I hear their shouting and I understand

They warn not to die before doing good deeds.

They want to return to perform duties

But alas! That time is over

Everything has its fixed time and

If time is over, everything is over.

Fire is in Your Love

Fire is in your love

It burns twice as much

My heart is burnt to ashes

There is nothing left to burn.

You promised to love me

You gave me only trouble and destruction

You took away what was mine

There is no water in the river; only fodder

Delusions do not multiply.

The river of life has dried 

Happiness is totally lost

How to cross the river

My friend, I took a stand with you

Spring does not sing with flower.