Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

Queen of Epic

You are the greatest epic 
I have written with love and love. 
The words are unseen 
The language is dumb 
The words are dreamy
The verses are virgin. 
Nobody can read it,
 Listen it,
 Or understand it. 
But I read it,
 Listen it,
 And understand it. 
I and you are the characters
 I am the real hero
 You are a dream girl.
 I have conquered everything 
But time is the main villain. 
I shall beat time
 And Conquer dream
 One day dream will not be dream
 You will be mine
 The Epic has beginning but no end.
 Oh! the queen of epic,
 Come and touch love land. 
My love land is for you
 Without you no epic is epic
 Without epic you are not Queen.