Poetry from Mesfakus Salahin

Lost Interest in Love

Can you distinguish the smell from the flower?
Can you change the colour of dream?
Can you return my love, can't you?
How can you separate us?
Hear the restless cry of the sea, 
 The ceaseless waiting of the mountain, 
And the tireless turning of the clock.
The lamentation of the traveler's suffering is in my eyes
Your separation from me is like the wind
Like passing time
Walk barefoot and see the happiness of the path
The language of pain will be lost in the essence of misery
Yet the feeling will not pass us by
 we would have separation If we were art
 that would fall from a child's hand and break
Every time you go away, 
Every time we meet in flocks, 
Every time we utter a word, 
Every time we go wild, harvest virtue.
I will be the flower of the universe
Don't be afraid if the sun falls asleep.
Your sun combined with mine will shine in the bottomless pit of infinite darkness
Won't you be the sun of darkness?