Poetry from Michael O’Brien

you won’t hear a friend out of me. the earth is flat. 

Summer ends. You buy a bag of carrots. You take the bag of carrots home. You open a bag of carrots..

‘Hey, is anyone one in there?’

Nothing. Nothing n the bag of carrots but the quietness of carrots. 

You ask again but louder. 

easter hymnal

how to poison eggs:

pacific ocean. joaquin phoenix. tulips. rimbaud. fish. dead editors. birds of sudan. soldiers playing with beetles. when they make a movie about you, you disappear. baking competitions. a river with no name. things that bother you. alphabet spaghetti. the sound of an approaching train. rivers that begin with the letter q. kurt cobain’s last dream. too long in the sun. mary magdalene’s 1991 donruss rookie card. jay feathers. virtue signaling. cool breeze. napoli. scuffed knees. paint factory. street signs facing the wrong way. 

you googled banana bread recipe 

and now it is baseball season again.  

your hair is still your hair.

you trimmed it yesterday.

but it is still yours.

like the banana bread you baked yesterday.

the snow has started to shift.

and the roads are wet from melting ice

not rain

you found the recipe 

after you googled banana bread recipe

and now it is baseball season again. 

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