Poetry from Michael Robinson

Around Three AM inspired by Bob Kaufman’s Around Midnight

It has always been around 3Am,

when the knock on the door awakens me.

A mystery even to that about what life is not,

Life is not a single word or phrase.

The electrodes are glued to my temples,

I feel nothing for years,

Look at what take me to 3AM land of darkness.

The camera’s watch in my room of solitude,

My soul whispers the lyrics of death,

Still I remain confined but not tied down,

Because my soul will not remain quiet at 3AM.

It’s around 3AM when the psych tech searches my room.

No knives or guns just a soul souring in the morning wind.


The Birth of a Poet

In the sea of blood,

Darkness covers the corners of the church,

A candle is lite from the ashes of Jesus,

Among the statues of Mary and Joseph

The choir sings Swing low Sweet Chariot

Who is this to blaspheme the Holy Family

It’s a lonely soul wanting to expose himself.

01/07/1610:09:40 PM


I hear the seagull flying far away from shore,

Listen to the waves running into the sand,

I hear the sand cry a song of the soul.

My soul,

Your soul,

And the soul of the turtle walking past us.

What will happen when the stars appears and the moon shines

Upon our soul,

Shall we get married?

A star that is still,

A shadow of darkness,

It’s the Sun that has faded into the ocean..

1-7-2016 10:24PM

Solitude Amongst The Stars

The first night that I saw the stars after life,

The sweet smell of her perfume,

Her breast tender and warm.

Her thighs where soft but firm,

Dark and dangerous to my dreams,

Her tights held her body firm.

I hear her laughing,


Running across the sand.

I join her as the last electrodes explodes into my brain.

1-7-2016 10:39PM


2 thoughts on “Poetry from Michael Robinson

  1. Michael, thank you for your kind comments. It is so hard to bare one’s soul but in the end, it is so a part of healing. Your poetry again touches me so deeply and I feel that we are one in our desire for those fleeting moments of happiness. Our poetry is something that takes us into the light (as you wrote). It is a gift to share with others.

  2. Mike, thank you for sharing your gift with us. Again you’ve inspired us all that dreams do come true! I’m happy that the light is shining on you and there’s no more darkness in your life.
    Lovingly your friend,

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