Poetry from Mohinur Askarova

My beauty

The captive who won my heart,
The secret in his eyes,
The prisoner built in the heart,
My beauty, my beauty.

My heart is in the opposite eye,
Sweet - in the word sugar,
On the most beautiful face,
My beauty, my beauty.

One soul in my chest,
Missed of my mum,
What, I do this bad,
My beauty, my beauty.

Caesar, stubborn bad girl,
I fell to your feet, knee,
I can't live, you,
My beauty, my beauty

✍Mokhinur Askarova

You will never find me

You can never find me,
If I head away.
Maybe then, my dear,
If I go to your soul.

Miss of my parents too,
A person looking forward to my ways.
To my childhood,
You know how bad it is to look.

You can't stop me,
Your dreams say definitely .
You're looking for my smile,
You can't even make me friend .

Without asking me to moon ,
Shame on you for looking at the ground.
I told you, dears,
You will never find me

✍Mokhinur Askarova

Mohinur Askarova was born on May 13, 2006 in Jizzakh city.
She won the III place in "World Talents" with her poems. In addition, she won the first place in the city and regional contests.