Poetry from Monira Mahbub

Young South Asian girl with short dark hair and a jean jacket and a blue baseball cap standing outside in front of a very leafy tree.
Monira Mahbub
In the Evening

In the evening the sun sets in the west
The breath of the day
Left in the horizontal blue sky
Then the nature takes its new shape
The birds' chirping as it were
Bids the sun calling--- 
"Good bye", "Good bye", "Good bye" -----.

07 August, 2023

Monira Mahbub is a student of grade 6 in Nawabganj Government Girls' High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.

Child's drawing of a young girl in a pink dress walking down a path through a green lawn on a sunny day towards a city.
Art from Monira Mahbub
Stream flows through a grassy area near some small houses on a sunny day. Cattails are in the foreground, the sun and clouds and bushes are off in the distance.
Art by Monira Mahbub
Person with a red shirt and blue skirt walking under an umbrella down a dirt path between two houses in a grassy area on a rainy day. Trees nearby and in the background.
Art by Monira Mahbub

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  1. Wonderful! The drawings are as beautiful as the poem.Both are naturally mind- blowing.

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