Poetry from Mykyta Ryzhykh

can't live alive
gays can't love

soldiers kill each other not kiss

my body can be mine
someone uses my body at will
my body can be separate from me
my body is too human
my body is too heteronormative
my body repels me
my body humiliates me
my body won't let me sleep
i want to wake up

two boys kiss like doves
sky overhead

soon morning
we will be stoned to death

a woman
with tears instead of a body
digs her own grave and becomes
a small insect for big husband

the body has grown without me
the woman from the clinic said that
I was a woman and I exploded on a mine of disappointment
quiet waves on the shore of a loud clumsy body in my understanding
small white mouse
huge hooded crow
eternal wall between me and me

Night city seeks protection in the sun
City (not) says:

It's raining
/ /

White men and black guns
Bullets are ringing:
Skr dzg jz

People die:

The red triangles of the walls of this night - everything is already clear that you are not

Everything is so clear
Everything is so clear
Faces fell to the ground,
And in a stupid head only one question:


Bloody blood burger with
Рotatoes fries free
From the rules of the road and
Laws of gravity
Desires of narratives
Оwn body

Who will win the last war in the world
And what's next

Small bird
At the glass of a non-existent universe

Red rednery
Instead of green greenery
Diluted cola
Sunken eyes

Automaton shins
With soda gas\gas chambers
Video and photography
Porn online free
In the depths of the graves

Without solving the problems of existence
Finding no reason for it
Metro dispatcher
To this woman who will no longer become a mermaid
Not for the first time or for the last time
Allowed to die
Tirhi tirhi lonely wind
In the abdomen of escalators station
Go drink the chicks of memories
They start talking in order to
It was not heard
Between the female ribs
And who said she was a woman
Who counted her ribs
Who ever said
That you (can) die
Dispatchers in the subway
In the morning the station was disinfected
No traces of memories were found
Place for signature

Winner of the international competition Art Against Drugs, Bronze Medalist of the Chestnut House Festival, laureate of the Tyutyunnik literary competition. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
Published in the journals Dzvin, Ring A, Polutona, Rechport, Topos, Articulation, Formaslov, Colon, Literature Factory, Literary Chernihiv, Tipton Poetry Journal, Stone Poetry Journal, Divot journal, dyst journal, Superpresent Magazine, Allegro Poetry Magazine,  Alternate Route, Better Than Starbucks Poetry & Fiction Journal, Littoral Press, Book of Matches, on the web portals Literary Center and Soloneba, and in the Ukrainian literary newspaper Ice Floe Press.