Poetry from Mykyta Ryzhykh


my soul is with the devil in a collage
my soul is in the devil's college
my soul is on loan from angels
my loan is life


god came from a hyperlink

click me

erase me

cleanse me

cut me

take my insides out

I am Gods chitin

I am the stone of God



paper guards

life page borders

who keeps every comma 

of the tree before this tree is 

turned into a blueprint 

and filled with inkblots?

a cut of a gnawed pencil that burns like a torch in the night



little white monkeys 

even they will one day 

become corpses

the rain is falling on us all

long live the rain for all



forest silence jewelry

drops of tears on the leaves

what autumn sadness is silent about



heart pattern

myopia feelings

heart throwback

butterfly feet bird hands

we were born under a common sky



this boy is quiet as an angel

this boy is as quiet as the devil


the chitin of memories is buried in the meat grinder of touch

we leave life like non-existent stones on the banks

tide of wave on the chest

blood rushed to the veins of сhrist


little boy hanging on the branches of a tree

he hangs attached by eyelashes to the firmament

his eyelids are marked by welding

his heart is in my hands

my hands are buried in the ground on which there is no foundation


the teacher tells the children

look this is our planet earth here we all live

and this is our homeland for it we die


hedgehogs turned 


ashtrays for the Lord 

after artillery


stone eye of death

infinity envelope

unconsciousness of life

- Dante wrote about something else


the scale of hatred overflows glasses with champagne

happy new year in the hell of a summer evening


said done the moon fell and rolled into the river

now no one else will see naked people clinging to pistols at night

trees grow

bloom flowers

dogs mate

the moon has fallen

the moon crashed like air on a saucer

and now there is hardly any difference between you and me

between you and me in the dark do not notice the difference

did you really need to drown the moon to understand this

In the dark

no one will see our love

In the dark

no one will believe in our love


no one saw our love


no one believed in our love

why did you drown the moon in the river

why did you bring me to the river now?


The noise that doesn't exist

Nobody came this time

As always

We have no choice but to let our shadows out into the street so that they knock on our door.

Knocking on the door sounds full of desperation

It is clear that no one is there

Obviously no one will come


Do you remember you and I were lying around like the skins of peeled holiday fruits, but it doesn’t matter

It doesn't matter that the fake cotton wool of my destructive methods of existence has long been drowned in you

It doesn't matter that your golden maple crown has succumbed to the erosion of metal and has long sprouted in me

You and I are one common outsider's view of two identical things that are trying their best to be alike.

You and I have long been ordered and sold out

Two completely different books by the same author


Roses turn pink

Glasses turn pink

Life turns pink

the blood is still red