Poetry from Petro C.K.


A crow alerts me 
to the end 
of the ultrasound 
that was even worse than mine 

The crib fills up 
with anything else 
an unnoticed smoke trail 
arcs into your room 

At the undertaker’s house 
with your powerful words 
never heard
you can imagine 
being the only static patient 
that is not a good exit 

Forwarded to the water 
a morning walk through the woods 
the only path for you is
somewhere in a book forgotten

A Crack in the Screenshot

according to the sea 
film replaced lore 

damaged literature 
rub in the darkness 

when the sun feels like a cataract 
the isolated war in my palm dies

hang on to your eyes 
when you're not seen 


At a moment stolen 
from the now seeded days 
the Tantric mantra called 
for elopement 

We will be visiting 
the temple of Helacharya
a mandala of ganas 
fought for the first day of summer 
saying her name and name of her youth 

Inscriptions honor 
an inconvenience exorcised 
of a hostile commune of frogs 
deep in the closet 

A monastic performance of blackbird tendrils tracing the landscape unfettered 
as an occult gym teacher snaps 
the high wire of impromptu kite flyovers

The evidence is silent to 
systematize the sacred

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