Poetry from Raafia Shaheen


I know right now!
your thoughts are fully opaque.
You want to give your life a retake.
Because this world is acting like a snake.
Your mind is under a terrible quake.
And soul is suffering from an untold ache.

Ohh Pretty!
It's time to take a decision for your own sake.
Firstly, take a short social media break.
Rise early and bake a cake.
Go to a park or lake.
Just listen the chirping birds and eat that cake.
Write a poem and don't be fake.
Give yourself some space and accept your mistakes.
Be you and don't follow others like copy paste.

Sit on a fresh grass and put aside your hate.
Pray to GOD and count blessings of your fate.
It's hard but have patience and just wait.

You are doing well, so don't underestimate.
Take a deep breath and enjoy your present state.
Instead of becoming your own slave, be your own good mate. Believe me!
You will feel better after this mini escape.

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