Poetry from Robert Stephens

Not Alone With You

It's raining.
I am standing on the threshold
Of my little studio apartment.
I am lonely here without you.
I was never lonely with you.
Even though you didn’t love me. 
I knew that and fell just the same.
Rules were set.
I could not say it 
Not even alone with you. 
That didn’t stop me.
I was not alone with you.

You told me the end was coming,
Time for me to move on.
I still loved you.
I was not alone with you.
I knew one day you would kiss me
And close the door.

One early afternoon the door was quietly shut
I was still shrouded in the glamour
Of my love for you. 
There is a difference in knowing 
the candle would gutter and go out
And believing it will.

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