Poetry from Roodly Laurore

Young Black man standing on a balcony. Homes and flowers across the street. He's wearing reading glasses and a white, green and blue striped shirt.
Roodly Laurore

Two families lived peacefully in a suburb of Jacmel, capital of the southeastern department of the Republic of Haiti. They are herders. Both families were well respected in the neighborhood.


One day, the Jean family was furious to see that their goat was killed by a member of the Joseph family under the famous pretext that the animal ate a few plants of corn in their garden. This unfortunate situation caused a fierce argument to the point of seeking to kill each other.

That same day, in the afternoon, the two families would face off in a fight with daggers drawn. This is when they noticed from afar two children who were flying a kite together. They were very happy, and they were playing like two wild children.


Suddenly, the two families were reconciled because one child belonged to the Jean family and the other to the Joseph family.


~Roodly Laurore


L’ innocence



Deux familles vivaient paisiblement dans un banlieue de Jacmel, chef lieu du département du Sud-est de la république d'Haïti. Elles faisaient de l'élevage. Les deux familles étaient très respectées dans le quartier.


Un jour, la famille Jean était furieuse de voir que son cabrit a été tué par un membre de la famille Joseph sous le fameux prétexte que l'animal a mangé quelques pieds de maïs dans son jardin. Cette malheureuse situation a provoqué une dispute farouche au point qu'elles cherchaient à s'entretuer. 


Le même jour, dans l'après-midi, les deux familles allaient s'affronter dans un combat à couteaux tirés. C'est ainsi qu'elles ont remarqué de loin deux enfants qui montaient ensemble un cerf-volant. Ils étaient très heureux, ils jouaient comme deux fous. 


Tout à coup, les deux familles se sont réconciliées parce que les deux enfants appartenaient l'un à la famille Jean et l'autre à la famille Joseph. 


Roodly Laurore



Roodly Laurore was born and raised in Haiti. He is an engineer and poet. His poems are published & forthcoming in Spirit Fire Review, Taos Journal of Poetry, Kosmos Journal, Autism Parenting Magazine; Solstice Literary Magazine, The New Verse News, Synchronized Chaos, Jerry Jazz Musician and others.  His writing & spiritual life touches the lives of everyone who knows him.  He's a role model in his community!

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