Poetry from Sara Sims

Diagonal 3D clear rectangle in front of a shopping center.
On Grote Street – Lopsided

1/  On Grote Street – Lopsided

A sculpture by the Central Market

An elongated box

standing on one corner

a time machine

a spacecraft

to admire

to hop into

to hope for a different time


‘What happened to the phone box?’

she asks

‘It’s built for lopsided conversations,’

I say


for conversations across time and space

where the corner of sharpness

is buried in the ground


forming an unstable base

with the elongated box 

about to topple off


unless the sharpness is

the point of contention

buried in the ground

the hatred can no longer bite

is no more

no more


for the benefit of all

and the planet


a dream

an out of space whisper

contained within glass pans

of a contemporary TARDIS


and the doctor --

will she come

will she save

this earth yet again?


Girl Slide at Rundle Mall

2/  Not a royal nor Grand Victory


The Girl on a Slide -John Dowie (SA), Rundle Mall

Was published in InDaily Adelaide (9th Feb. 2022)


She is joy frozen in time

exuberant, bewitching


in my photo, her left foot is enormous

kicking at phantoms


it’s the perspective, though

nothing to do with what's real


and what's real is a slight sprightly kid

cast into bronze, sliding down a slop


arms and legs outstretched

plaits mirroring limbs, blown in the air


she’s enchantment caught in mid-slide

in busy Rundle Mall


amid the rushing of shoppers

she makes me look up to the sky


a blue ribbon

a pause among concrete giants.



Pigeon at Rundle Mall

3/  Pigeon

(On Rundle Mall, SA)


Lonely letters

tied to pigeon’s breasts or legs

warmed by feathers

swept by air


some never arrive

some were never sent

left in sealed envelopes

shoved into drawers

abandoned in shoe boxes

in jars

alone or bundled with others


a lone letter is found

it’s held in trembling hands

the envelope is slit open

a thin paper is pulled out

in reverence (perhaps)


a pause

she breathes in

checking the handwriting 

while shadows linger on the wall


she bends her head

a photo slides

from between pages

followed by a sigh of relief


she reads fast

rereads slowly and again

whispering groaning

tears filling her eyes


now laughter springs

while the hands

arthritic and chipped

morph into youthful grace.




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  1. Loved these photos and how Sara Sims related them – like the “lopsided conversation” with the tilted payphone cabinet. That is very telling and timely. Bravo!

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