Poetry from Sarah Burgess



Such a bother,

Pain in the ass,

That's life? That's life? That's the best excuse they can selfishly reveal? 

Why. Cause. Your. Own. Headache?

You find yourself screaming,

Screaming on the inside,

Inner silent shrieks Of misunderstood loneliness.

Inner silent shrieks within yourself,

Misunderstood loneliness.

You really do. Not. Intend to.

Come, come on, please!

Prisoner imprisoned  in your own body.

Can they not see? 

They try, at least.

Waiting for some realization, actualization, condemnation to allure thought allowing this dove to fly.

Conveniently included. 

Living incoherently,

Incoherently living unjustly, inclusion when convenient!

Justified defiance? 

Will it ever come my way?


If only people could understand 

They try, and get a sense of understanding,

That's all, a sense…

Unjust treatment becomes the normality

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