Poetry from Sarvinozkhon Olimova


I will be an artist known to the world,
Arrogance will be my enemy at that time
Listen to me sing beautiful songs,
If I give in to the praise, tell me to go back.

Eating the bread of art is not for everyone.
I ask the Creator for patience.
I have you dears on my shoulder,
I sing for you, I live with you.

Be happy and never get hurt.
Do not let the tyrant, pain and sorrow come to you.
Keep the smile on your face,
We will never be less than anyone.

  ✍ Sarvinozkhon  Olimova 


The only truth is that every word is true ,
They say, even if a sword comes to your head .
Never deny the word true, O friend ,
Even bitter taste when the tongue does not feel.

The truth of the word, only everywhere ,
This is the moment the Creator will be with you .
The truth lives only if yooou know ,
All be surprised, wonder for your courage.

✍️Sarvinozkhon  Olimova

Sarvinozkhon Olimova, was born on January 21, 2007 in Fergana region. She is a laureate of several republican competitions in the field of traditional music and traditional singing. In addition, she is the author of two books entitled "Miracle" and "Wonderful feelings".

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