Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee

By Sayani Mukherjee

Kites of uneventful evenings
In the middle ground
Of a sun soaked deadline
Loopholes and pigeonholed 
Bricks, cements, chimney sweep brush 
Petit heads that surface
Moon phased inner city lights
Log brimmed night towered watch brim
Dainty arrows that come down  
Boils into a fightful secrecy
What appears is a vessel 
Underneath a giant submarine
Depths deaths numerous tunnels 
A cool icy maiden voyage
Angelic frequencies of musing tickets
Law business of stockings and paperwork
Her world, a wimming puddles
Cabins are smudges smitten by a car crash ride
Twin towers bin bucket
Of lake house high
Mornings are chimney sweep
Parrots stricken blue tapestry
Leftist rights and insights
Just a vessel of an innocence personified. 

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