Poetry from Sayani Mukherjee


I have heard Paris is beautiful in May
Two lost cards that find
A perfect geometric strength
It then carves a niche 
Mon Amor it says that always says 
Pink is loveliest of all
Beautiful Strange Goodness
Colours have their own homes too
Just as my paper knife 
A little too pink for it 
Isn't so? 
A child may notice
Children notice everything
A change in smile
They are the big apples 
Do this do that 
We are grown ups 
Still pink is loveliest of all
Home Goodness Flowers 
I still think Paris is most beautiful in May 
The ribboned dress 
The little paper towns 
They all go to a merry go round
All pinkish flame in the snowbound home
I still love Pink
My home my mon amor.