Poetry from Scott Strozier

If we were...

If we were Bonnie and Clyde,
Our lives could not have been wilder.
We never let things slide
And our arguments just got hurtful.

Oh, but how we loved
And oh, but how we lost.
We simply seemed to float above
Never actually seeing the cost.

We lived on the edge, I'd say.
Life on our terms was fast and hard.
The wind in our faces every single day.
But would end hand in hand looking up at the stars.

That day came when love just wasn't enough.
Our hearts grew cold and just gave out.
I guess we weren't  really so very tough.
As we lie here now, no energy to shout.

This Bonnie and Clyde
just didn't make it.
There were no machine guns from the side.
We just got tired and too eager to quit.
Our appeal to love was finally denied.

The task

I wrote a love song once.
I tried to send it to you.
I wrote down my feelings once.
I can't seem to talk to you.

So here I am drinking alone.
I try to laugh but tears come quickly.
This pain is my way to atone.
My soul simply wishes to be free.

Questions are no longer asked.
Because your face is all I can see.
The universe gives me a task,
I need to mend these memories in me.
Only then,
Can I find my peace.