Poetry from Shahnoza Ochildiyeva

Shahnoza Ochidiyeva


It’s a great blessing that the heart beats                                
It’s a blessing the souls are alive and well
It’s a blessing to live safe and sound,
Tell, hey, person what else is needed?

It’s a blessing the tree of ignorance has died,
It’s a happiness that the hearts full of freedom
It’s a great blessing to be servant of Allah,
Tell, hey, person, what else is needed?

It’s a blessing to have big bravery
It’s a blessing to earn with difficulty
It’s a blessing fate gives us to feel lucky
Tell, hey, person, what else is needed?

It’s a blessing my mom says loving words
It’s a happiness that my father’s eyes smiling
It’s a happiness that our country peacefully living
Tell, hey person, what else needed you?

They say imagination has sharp wings
Oh, it flies anywhere
Which in human imaginations
Reach the heavens everywhere

They surrounded me too
Flew away towards the dreams
Filling my world with joy
Everything came alive around me

I travelled to Paris, America and Rome
I was on the seventh sky at that moment
That Turkey welcomed me warmly
But I missed my sweet home.

I saw so many places
Almost laughed for a moment
Looking at the purest sea
Missed you, my Motherland.

Turning the road of my thoughts
I returned to my place at once.
Strange joy, strange pleasure
A special feeling spread over my soul.


Ochildiyeva Shahnoza Abdivohid qizi was born on July 17, 2006 in the republik of Uzbekistan, Surkhandarya region, Denov district. Presently, she studies at school number 49 in 10th grade. She is a Captain of the Denov District Council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan. She  actively participates different  national  competitions, festivals, gaining honorable places. Also one of the youngest and most active members of several international organizations. Her poems have been published in several newspapers and magazines. In 2021, the first collection of poetry was published under the name “Yurakdagi orzularim”. Samples of creativity were included in the anthologies “Türkçenin dünyadaki özbek sesi” published in the Republic of Turkey and “Talented voices of Uzbekistan” published in America. In 2022, her new book came out of publication under the title “She’riyat o’ziga ayladi asir”. Her new book which was called “Happiness” was published in Amerika. Nowadays her books are selling in 26 countries of the world!