Poetry from Shakhzoda Kodirova

Shakhzoda Kodirova
My motherland!

My country, you are so beautiful, 
You are charming, 
You are spectacular 
There is no equal in beauty,
 You are a paradise.
You are the only one in the country.
There is no word for your description, 
You are the most unique country.
We love you dearly,
We are faithful to you.
We will introduce your dear name to the world.
✍ Shakhzoda Kodirova

Good and rewarding work

 For many years, a small stream flowing from the side of the river made Cain's heart ache.  Because once upon a time, clean and clear water flowed from this ditch, people used it to quench their thirst and rejuvenate their gardens. No one would throw garbage in the ditch, and whoever saw the dumped garbage would clean it immediately.  Unfortunately, by this time there was no "trace" left of the clear water in the ditch.  The younger generation did not listen to the words of their old ancestors, but instead of reducing the waste in the ditch, contributed to its increase.   Despite the fact that he was over 80 years old, Mahmud himself was the head and wanted to do a hashar to clean the river, so he called young teenagers, strong men from house to house, and asked for help from the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, many did not have the patience to clean the river, which was full of garbage. And it didn't work either. 

Finally, Grandpa Mahmud  thoughtfully went to his old companions.  Gathering them together, he got everyone’s opinion on the matter. The old men agreed and decided to clean the river themselves.  Not many people know how good it is to clean a ditch, and those who do know do so without breaking the bank. Is there no one willing to clean this small ditch that has been flowing for years ?! If they need to irrigate their gardens, they are ready immediately. but to clean up ... Well, let's clean up as much as we can, said Mahmud  looking at his comrades angrily. So the old men got to work. Ketmon in hand, belt at waist.  Seeing this zeal in the elders, some honest people came and joined them.  Some were embarrassed and apologized to Mahmud.

The neighborhood gathered the workers again, this time they were full of enthusiasm. Volunteers also came and began to join. The work is "hot".  Neighboring women were busy cooking for the hard-working hashers. Thanks to 3 days of hard work, the river  was completely free of waste. Grandpa  Mahmud  joined the ranks of veterans for his efforts to clean the river.   When he addressed the villagers, he said, "The most important thing, you know, is that you and I have a great reward. Cleaning the canal is the best and most rewarding thing to do".

Flower garden 🌸

I went to Gulzor today, 
I saw a lot of flowers. 
They were more beautiful than each other, 
And the smell was fragrant.

It charms person
The fragrance of every flower.
It attracts, when you smell it.

I really like,
These fragrant beautiful flowers.
It lifts your spirits,
 Friends, look at this.

Rose, basil, tulip
Colors are red, green
 I sweat from them, 
I make many bouquets.

✍ Shakhzoda Kodirova

The world 🌎

 What a world it is,
 Both transient and deceptive.
What a world this is,
 After all.

No man can live in this world,
 For a thousand years.
No one can remain in such a world, 

So my friends,
 Let's do a lot of good.
Let us not be deceived by The way of Satan.
Let us not sink into sin.

 Without thinking of the Hereafter.
Let us do good as much
 As we can.

We know that in this world, 
Tests are not rare.
We will defeat them, 
If we have a little patience.

The world, the world is the end, 
Never complain friends.
Do not despair and torment yourself
And let's do good !!!

✍️Shakhzoda Kodirova

Shakhzoda Kodirova is 15 year-old aspiring poet from Navoi, Uzbekistan. From a young age she was fond of literature age of seven she began to read books and study oriental literature. Her poems and stories have been published many magazines and newspepers, including Uzbekistan and Germany.

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