Poetry from Shakzoda Kodirova

A rose 

You are the epitome of beauty.
The king of flowers is the rose.
Bringing joy to the surroundings
You open rose.

If I see you, it's mine
My dust will spread.
My heart is full of joy
It opens, rejoices.

Your fragrance is all around
Gives a lot of joy
My mother who loved you
Their hearts will light up.

Your colors are also different
Yellow, pink, white, red
Always be like this
The king of flowers is the rose !

✍️ Shakhzoda Kodirova

Shakhzoda Kodirova was born on May 20, 2007 in Navoi. From a young age she was fond of literature. She started writing stories and poems when she was ten and her poems have been translated into many languages and published in many countries, including Uzbekistan, Germany, America and Belgium. She is a booklover and coordinator of Girls’ Voice. Also she is an official member of GFS and an ambassador of the Iqra foundation. Her first book My Grandfather’s Garden has been published in Uzbekistan. At the moment she is an editor of Germany’s Raven Cage magazine and of Synchronized Chaos, and she is am ambassador of the IFCH and SPSC foundations.