Poetry from Stephen Jarrell Williams

"The End Again"


Desolate the land of cities
buildings like decapitated statues
streets covered in chucks of ruin

slump shouldered we wandered for months
finding the rims of the far mountains
forests covering where we hid

our quiet settlement
of the depopulated
survivors thankful and now unhurried

accepting weak walls and roofs of tree
rain and ponds and a lake of sweet water
faraway from the sea full of past pollutants

our children now no longer afraid
they play and sing and we listen
trying to forget the long ago explosions

my wife tenderly touching
scars on my back
loving me at night

darkness still
memories of the dying
and what we could have done.

"The Wind"

My brothers often visit
trying to give me a constant of cheer

telling me where they've been
and what they've seen

assuring me the sea recovering
stench of death disappearing

schools of fish returning
without sores that never heal

my brothers have found and married
young wives with unblistered skin

boats rebuilt and sails tall in the wind
many new islands blossoming

some seeing a gondola balloon
with people waving above the clouds

wind cleansing past the horizon
world freeing flowers again.

"Just Like the Old Days"

The old man walked into our new village
claiming nothing changes

men fighting again
over land and women and beliefs

shaking his head with tears
beard matted like his hair

prepare yourselves he warned
they've repaired their guns

bullets reclaimed from the ruins
helmets and knives and brass knuckles

with a maniac in charge
speaking smooth words dripping with poison

promising the power of hell
in his back pocket

the old man laughed and spit
looking at my wife and kids and peaceful land

you should tell the others
chaos is coming again

returning with twisted faces
eyeing every direction
where you dream and live

but this time
maybe you will pray
a little more and mean it.

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  1. These poems full of strong imagery. I especially loved the line: “ buildings like decapitated statues” Great work 👍

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